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VOLUME XV/04/2019



Dr. Marthen L. Kimbal


          Water is one of the very important sources for humans in daily life activities. All human being can’t live without water. Water resources are natural resources of water that are potentially useful. The uses of water include agricultural, industrial, household, recreational and environmental activities. Especially in Manado, to get the source of clean water people can make it alone or before they depend on Water Regional Company (PDAM) as a company of water service in various areas. The purpose of this research is to know the management of the Water Limited Company Manado (PTAM), North Sulawesi recently as a source water of public service by seeing the indicators problem of the consumers. The method used in this study is qualitative with the description’s phenomena in the field. It means to give the description based on the social reality regarding to the problem of the customers. The number of the informants in this research are 50 respondents. The result of the research shows that the trusted service of the Water Limited Company (PTAM) not yet appropriate. The majority grievances come from the customers that mostly they got filthy water from the company.
Keywords: service management; water limited company Manado (PTAM), and public service



Rafi Ullah Khan Tareen, PCS


          This paper discusses the role of language both as a means of communication and as an expression of identity and for vital consideration on any serious discussion of peace and security. The adoption of Urdu as the national language has caused conflicts between different ethnic groups. When Pakistan was created in 1947, Sindhi, Pashtun, and Punjabi were surprised that their languages would be of an inferior status that is Urdu. From 2001, the increase in regional linguistic conflicts became security risk to Pakistan, The role of government is vital in confronting security issues but role of civil society is up to the mark and appreciable. Many local and international NGOs and think-tanks are trying to build up peace and harmony with in Pakistan by considering different approaches to sort out the language conflict.
Keywords: language roles, regional language conflict, regional language in Pakistan



Shella D. Dela Cruz


          This study used the Disconfirmation Model by Churchill and Suprenant (1982) to assess the level of satisfaction of the students from the different colleges of Cagayan State University Piat campus to the pages of The Greenthumb, the campus student publication. The descriptive-correlational design was used in the study to describe the profile of the respondents as to college affiliation and gender. It has also been used to describe the level of satisfaction of the students to the school paper, their preferred topics to be written in the school paper, the pass – on rate of the school paper, respondents’ perception on the roles of the school paper and the preferred school paper type to be published.. Moreover, the design involved the comparative analysis of the level of satisfaction of the respondents to the school paper when grouped according to the profile variables. The study showed that the students were “moderately satisfied” with the different pages of the school paper, however the different colleges marked significant difference in their level of satisfaction. It was found out that the respondents looked into the school paper as an “information bulletin” as its primary role in the campus and in the community. Furthermore, most of the respondents suggested “personal issues(Love and Friendship)” to be written in the school paper. Moreover, the magazine type was preferred by the respondents over the newsletter, tabloid and folio. Since the respondents are just “moderately satisfied” with the school paper, the researcher concluded that efforts of the staff are not enough yet to really represent the ideas of the readers in the campus. It is then recommended that results of this study shall be used to improve the next issues of the school paper in the campus.
Keywords: satisfaction, school paper, pass – on rate, information bulletin.





          The paper reports the uprising issue of Pulwama attack and it provides a background on the Kashmir context. The aim of paper analyses and discusses an analytical study of local newspapers of Pakistan and India. The sample for the study is taken three local newspapers from Pakistan and three local newspapers from India. Muslim populated area, Kashmir had been suffering at the hands of Indian forces due to Indian subjugation since decades. India claims Kashmir its integral part. From generations, Kashmir is fighting for freedom which is getting worse day by day. More alarming phenomena is, highly educated Kashmiri youth now joining militant wings as an act of revenge against Indian occupation. The inhabitants of Kashmir are burnt alive, tortured to death, and living in a traumatic life. Sense of insecurity and prevailing uncertainty converted their minds towards militancy. The freedom struggle of Kashmir has now turned into a movement posing a major threat not only for Kashmir but for the whole region. People of Kashmir are not living their life like normal people. They do not have freedom in their own land so physically and mentally, they are fighting for liberation from Indian Security Forces. The unresolved Kashmir issue transformed into a war-like situation between India Pakistan. The intensity of this issue may push the whole south Asian region into a horrific nuclear war. Indian apathy and mysterious silence of the world community over the Kashmir conflict spurt into militancy resulted in the form of Pulwama suicide attack on Indian Security Forces. The two neighboring countries had been involved in a military confrontation. India Pakistan recent stand-off posed a nuclear threat in the region. Kashmir issue is a political issue whereas India takes its law and order situation. India is a shrinking political space of Kashmiri people and political instability and violation of fundamental rights may lead towards more Pulwama like incidents.
Keywords: India-Pakistan, Kashmir, war, relations, diplomacy.



Dr. Marthen Kimbal, SH, M.Si
Dr. Alfon Kimbal, S.Sos, M.Si


          Coastal area is a transitional area of the sea and land. The coastal environmental problems that most concern is pollution of beaches or shellfish beds, contamination of seafood, and overfishing (Safford and Lawrence, 2010). Sometimes the condition of the coastal area gets pressure regarding various activities and phenomena from land and sea. The high activities of the people who are living in the land or in a coastal is indirectly impacted by pollution and environmental damage in the coastal areas. The aim of this study is to examine the activities of the communities at the coastal area and along the rivers be reviewed from the environmental perspective. This research is a qualitative study, and sample selection is done by purposive sampling with the Government Staff as informants and the coastal community. The results showed that the communities at the costal and along the rivers activities of Malalayang accompany pollution and environmental damage in the region. Due to some people, they are still throwing household waste to the beach, as well as a lack of government socialization about the importance of protecting the environment in coastal areas. Governments should be able to work with communities and related stakeholders to minimize the activity of community settlements that negatively impacts the environment in coastal areas.
Keywords: coastal settlements, Malalayang beach, environment.



Journal Publishing Volume XVIII


Basically all over the world humans have the same rights, the right to live a life; free from violence and slavery; the right to education, the right to a fair and equal wage; the right to own property; the right to express oneself; and have the freedom to choose without discrimination (UN Women Australia, 2019). However, in reality around the world there are still women who experience human rights violations, and women’s rights are not always a priority.

Journal Publishing Volume XVII


Disagreement among Muslim scholars on certain issues is not a new one. But, the state intervention in religious sphere has increasingly hampered constructive debates on Islamic thought. However, the change of political stream or so-called a political tsunami since March 2008 has opened opportunities to develop a dialogue between Islamic scholars, including between the different religious communities.

Journal Publishing Volume XVI

VOLUME XVI/10/2019

This study aims to explore the communication system of BPBD (Regional Disaster Management Agency) and the related agencies to help communities in the disaster-prone areas of Sitaro Island Regency, Indonesia. The approach was qualitative-descriptive with techniques of data collection through in-depth interviews.

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